Sharing stories that
Ignite and Unite

Cheryl's stories ignite, unite and inspire listeners of all ages. Whether you are planning a gathering at a school, church, retirement home or business conference, consider one of Cheryl's unique and entertaining programs for your next event. 
Cheryl can also customize a program especially for your audience or select from the samples listed below. 

Storytelling Programs
Heritage Tales
Frog Tales & Transformation
Petite Green & Frog Friends
Cajun Women: Inspired and on Fire
Living Healthy Living Long with Story
Beaucoup Cajun Tales
Cajun Pride and Southern Comfort
Holiday Themes*
Workshops / Classes 
Individual Story Coaching 

*Approved Reader/Teller of Cajun Night Before Christmas by Trosclair, Illustrated by James Rice, 
(c) 1973, 2001. Used by permission of the publisher, 
Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.