Be a part of Cheryl's calendar...

Provide the venue, Cheryl will provide the entertainment. She will make your next event one to remember: grown-up birthday celebrations, retirement parties, engagments, girl friend gatherings and more. 

Cheryl enjoys being a guest speaker for a variety of organizations and can share stories that are humorous, inspirational, environmental and cultural.

Give a unique gift to your loved ones. Purchase a gift certificate for your children or grandchildren's classrooms or schools. With her background in education, Cheryl provides programs that support requirements of the state and national standards in education. She is a Teaching Artist. 

Store Promotions
Looking for a unique form of entertainment at your store? Cheryl is available to perform at Grand Openings, Special Events, Themed Promotions, Holiday Programs (i.e. Mardi Gras Storytelling and CD Signings). She will provide her own brand of entertainment through storytelling. 

Story Supper Concerts
Invite your friends for a pot luck or themed dinner (i.e., Cajun Tales and Supper) and sit back while Cheryl entertains you with her storytelling. A unique experience everyone will enjoy and remember for a long time.

Story Coaching Sessions/Workshops
Share YOUR Story for the Health of It! Learn how to enhance your business, personal life and health with the re-framing, retelling and revelation of story in your life. Re-Story for Personal Restoration.

Storyteller, Educator, Speaker & Workshop Leader