Cheryl Floyd offers Storytelling and powerful life-changing
Heal Your Life® programs.
As a licensed Heal Your Life® facilitator, Cheryl helps participants live beyond self-limiting thoughts and move toward achieving a life filled with love, peace and joy. She brings her educational background and interest in holistic healing to the forefront as a licensed facilitator and educator for Louise L. Hay’s Heal Your Life Workshops. Cheryl trained with Dr. Patricia Crane who was appointed by Louise L. Hay to continue her work by teaching workshop leaders the techniques made famous by the best-selling book, You Can Heal Your Life. Cheryl’s ease of style aids in promoting the comfort of participants as she guides them through processes for improving their lives and enriching their experiences.

Cheryl is a southern girl with her early traditions steeped in Cajun Louisiana roots. It was there she fell in love with story and the lyrical power of language which permeates her storytelling style. Her story audiences range from elementary children to senior adults. She is as comfortable on stage at a festival as in classrooms or living rooms and front porches during her fun Story Super Concerts. Cheryl’s storytelling programs and workshops help others  incorporate story into their personal or business lives as well as providing entertainment and inspiration.

Whether she is offering a program for children or adults Cheryl combines her talents as a former teacher, publisher, editor and storyteller that combine her love of people and life.
Storyteller, Educator, Speaker & Workshop Leader